Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our New Church has a lot of Messed-up People :)

God has really blessed Josh and I to be part of a church plant in Woodbridge/Dumfries, Virginia.  It's called Spirit and Life Church and its mission is to be a place where all people feel welcome, whether they're growing in their walk with the Lord, not sure what they believe, unbelievers or have previously been estranged from the church.  It wants to be the alternative to what many people commonly associate with the church (as in the institution, not the beliefs) today----more on that later.  This will *hopefully* be a truly quick post.

But I wanted to share this video that the church played last week...I think it shows what the church at large is and should be.

You may have heard the criticism that Christians are a bunch of hypocrites and that's probably true.  And that you might feel like you've screwed up too much to come to church or you won't be welcome or that God can't possibly love you.

You know what Christianity is?  It's the following of a loving God by a bunch of screwed-up, flawed and really not-so-great people.  God loves everyone and forgives all those who come to Him.  And there's not one thing we can do to earn His love....or lose it.  We're all messed up.  (I mean if you've met me, you know I can be kind of a jerk.)  We all like to save face and pretend that we're not, but we are.  I guess that's where we're a bunch of hypocrites.  So if you want to go to church with a bunch of people who are just as messed up as you are, but also just as forgiven, we'd love to have you.