Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ways to Embarrass the Husband

So I saw this amazing video today....

Well...I thought it was amazing.

Not so sure that Mr. Gardener will find it so amazing.  (Really, I ought to call him Mr. Grass Man - that would be the grass that grows in front of your house, btw...but I will explain that in a later post.)

Actually, I think know that the video creator was pretty much being facetious.  But nonetheless, I now have an overwhelming desire to participate in this "new craze."

What is it, you ask?

Dance Walking.


Oh you read correctly, my friend.  That would be walking and dancing at the same time, in a foolish, attention-grabbing, ridiculous manner.

Right. Up. My. Alley.

Because in fact, I do like spontaneous and ridiculous singing and dancing.  In public or private.  Partly because it's fun.  Partly because hubster always asks, "What is wrong with you?"

So many things, my friend.  Where shall we start?

But I always remind him how BORING and NORMAL his life was before me.  Never again!  hahahaha!  (or should I say muahahaha!?)

In fact, my favorite section of the Wegmans happens to be the beer and wine section.  Besides the obvious, I love it because it is the best place in the store to hear the music.  Which naturally spawns some level of grocery store singing and dancing (and always when Josh accompanies me in the store).

And he is mortified.

But perhaps not quite so much as when we walked past the school supply/teacher supply section of Target the fall I stopped teaching, resulting in a (likely loud) singing of "I don't have to teach anymore! Hahahaha!  Take that bitches!"  It was perhaps not one of my more appropriate moments.

But it was still fun.

Pray for the poor man.  He needs it everyday.  :)

And watch the fabulous video that will likely inspire a dance walking marathon somewhere very public.

And while you're at it, catch Cookie Monster's rendition of "Call Me Maybe."

I love Sesame Street.  So much.