Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What a Way to Finish Out September...

Oh friends, it has been awhile.

And for that, you have my apologies. Thanks for hanging in there if you're reading this.

Life has been busy! When isn't it, though?

I am trying to get my life in order. Haha. So you'll likely see some organization (or attempts) posts in the coming weeks and months. That's one of the things that's been tying me up.

I do have some new quilts to share. A couple of finishes, a work in progress, a top that's rapidly becoming a hard core UFO.

And some music. ;)

And, of course, being a baseball fangirl.

I am going to attempt a commitment to at least a post a week. That's fair, yes?

I don't want to make any false promises.

But without further ado, I have no quilts or organization to share with you today.

Just lots of Nats.

Nats. Nats. Nats.

You know I love 'em. And it's now officially POSTSEASON!!!

But here's a little peek from the regular season ender. Which was, by the way, a NO HITTER! First in franchise history!

Mr. Gardener and I took the whole family. Naturally, in the one picture of all 5 of us with decent (note that I didn't say good) light, my brother isn't looking at the camera.

Zimmerman...one of the heroes of the game. (It was a team effort.) This was taken during warm-ups; we sat right above the bullpen. Who knew what an incredible season ender this would be? 

And of course, I have a TON of pictures of Span. Denard Span is the man. He ended the season with his 184th hit, a franchise record for a single season.

Harper played left field yesterday versus right, so I got some nice shots of him. I think his slump this season has been really good for him as a player. He's really matured a lot. 

I have some great shots of him from when he was rehabbing with the Potomac Nationals (minor league) that I'll have to share. Wilson Ramos, too.

Nice picture of my mom and Matt. Not sure what my dad is doing.


Who expected the rookies to play so well? I certainly didn't. The Nats have a great farm system, but it was just Zimmerman, Wilson, and the rookies out there after about the 4th/5th inning.

We sat right above the bullpen, so it was fun to watch them watching the game. Storen got up to warm up a few times, but, fortunately, they left Zimmerman in and let him finish attempting the no hitter.

Mark my words. Michael Taylor. Next big thing.


What a way to end such a great season!!!

Screech celebrating the win.

The fans were going wild.

I can't wait for the playoffs to start.

And even if they go no further (although I certainly hope not!), the Nats have a season they should be really proud of.

Man, how many times do you have to get a shot like this?

For you MASN (or former Expos) fans, that's FP Santangelo. For my non-local friends, he is one of the TV announcers for the Nats.

FP was cool - waving to folks who recognized him and giving thumbs ups all around.

Sadly, Fox, not MASN, has the rights to play the playoffs. In my opinion, Fox broadcasts are the worst. Their announcer is no fun and their camera shots are sub par. 

My brother, enjoying his Nats' swag - the Nats' stocking hat. He kind of looks like he could fit in with the gnomes, though, doesn't he?