Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Craft Space

All right, I am admittedly a terrible blogger.  I just can't keep up.  This is one of the many, many things that I say, well if I just set aside time and...and it just doesn't happen.

I think I ought to bring back my planner from college.  I had this awesome/obsessive planner that planned my day in 15 minute increments.  Because truly, I am horrific at time management.  For example, it is 11:27am and by this time I was supposed to have gone to Wegmans (can I just tell you how much I love Wegmans?  I get the whole classy supermarket experience, but pay way less than I would at Safeway or Giant or certainly Harris Teeter.  Win:Win), Target, Ulta and gassed up my car at Costco (because the cheap gas prices pay for the membership).  But what have I done?  Let's see.  I decided to make blueberry pancakes (although I really did cheat and just used "just add water" mix and just added a cup of frozen blueberries) and I finalized my meal plan for the week and created my shopping list on (because it prints out the locations of all my products, saving me time and temptation from buying things I just don't need).  Saturdays just underscore my need for an ADHD intervention.  Oh, and I listened to music on YouTube.  Although, most of that had a purpose, which I will get to later.  In my defense, I've been battling a headache traveling along the side of my head and down into my eye and the side of my face that no amount of quiet or caffeine has seemed to alleviate. Anyway...

What was I planning on writing about?

Right.  My new crafty space.

So I have a fabulous husband.  I mean really, I do.  Sorry to brag, ladies, but I only speak the truth.

He is way into his hobbies.  And he does have quite a list.  Not that he does all of them all the time, but he sort of flits around between beer making, photography, music (well that one is all of the time and while I am biased, Josh plays kick-ass guitar), etc.  Those are probably the big three, but he's always telling me what else he'd like to get involved in.  So he really does value hobbies, which is sweet.  And I appreciate that he doesn't think that my love of all things crafty is silly or a waste of time.  So for our anniversary, he built me this gorgeous set of shelving/cabinets in our basement followed by a HUGE counter/table.

 Almost finished cabinets...

 Desk in progress...can you believe he designed all of this himself?
 Finished desk (minus lighting and electrical elements)
 HUGE workspace!!  I have never had this much space for my crafts.
I am so excited to use this space.  I just have to finish unpacking/cleaning the basement so I don't feel guilty about my time.

By the way, how do people get everything done?  I feel like I'm just running in circles all the time.  Commute, work, commute, make dinner, clean the house, go to bed.  Do it all again.  And I don't even have kids.  15 minute planner.  ;)  j/k  I just have to prioritize things better and waste less time.  

Easier said than done.  Oh well.

Oh!  And listening to the music.  So the hubby is in a band (classic and southern rock mostly); it's actually one of the outreach elements for our church and they're going to let me sing a song or two with them in the upcoming months, so I was listening to/learning some of the contenders.  So it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Anyway, I think I will go and attempt to accomplish some of those things I was planning on and clean the basement a bit so I can actually craft some again.  :) 

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