Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Getting Addicted...

Actually, that's a lie.

I done been addicted. ;)  To sewing and quilting, that is.

I finished my very first quilt from start to finish last week.  I know, right?

I have the pictures on Mr. Gardener's camera just waiting for me...and beckoning me to put them on here with all my thoughts and excitement.

I also made my own little selvage block, which I turned into a pillow for my couch.  Pictures also coming.

But right now...I'm waiting for the internet to get a move on and finish publishing the second of seven online tutorial modules I'm trying to finish for work.  (It's been 20 minutes for a 6 minute tutorial.)  Yes, I know it's 10:30 on a Friday night.  Thank God they gave me a work laptop.  Maybe this is a sign to give it up until tomorrow.

But tomorrow I want to finish fixing up my flowerbed while it's halfway decent outside (isn't it supposed to be spring?) and finish sewing my dad's birthday present.  (He'll be 60 on Sunday!)

And I have to clean my house.... These are the signs that I'm closer to 30 than 20. ;)  (But I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Life is so much happier now than then.  Of course eliminating medication linked to depression will help with that.  Singulair is evil people.)

Anyway.... This is why Mr. Gardener dvr'd 36 tips for Adults with ADHD for me.  (At which I was very indignant until I started watching it....sigh.)  Which, I haven't finished.  36 is a lot of tips.

So...I'm definitely doing Lee's (of Freshly Pieced) Quilt-a-long, but I'm contemplating the Sew Mama Sew Block of the Month, too.  As though there aren't a billion things on my to-make list (we're not even going to talk about the to-do list, that's a whole separate issue.).

I do best when I'm busy. :)

Oh thank God.  Video's at 100%.

Speaking of thanking God.  Today is Good Friday.  Thank God for all He did for us.  He walked with us, felt our joys, pain, and suffering, and literally laid His life down for us in one of the more agonizing ways that humans have invented to kill and torture one another.  His standard is perfection and none of us can live up to it, but He stands in that gap for us, so that we don't have to be dependent on our own imperfect selves and our inability to bridge that gap to be with Him.  He took it all and asks only for our lives and hearts in return.

Thank You Jesus.

'Night y'all. :)

Sew Mama Sew

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