Thursday, July 11, 2013

Let's Go Nats!

So, I thought I worked a lot last week?

No, I'm working a lot this week.

But it's all good.

I really like my job and I love my company. I have room for growth there.

Plus I don't work like this all the time. This is just a busy season (with a lot of opportunities!).

So, in honor of my Nats winning last night (finally!!), I shall share my pictures of the Presidents' Race with you.

We are at the second half of the season now, guys. Everybody's healthy again. I respectfully ask that you get it together.

Sadly, no pictures of Teddy. :(

I think he had already fallen down and lost by this point in the race.

I think these are from May when I went to the game?

I won tickets from my company (See? Told you I liked my job).

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