Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lessons Learned- Things NOT to do when I have a Kid (way, way in the future, btw)

If I have learned nothing else, I have seen some pretty interesting examples of parenting while teaching, both good and not so good.

Today's example:

While I am relatively (I hope!) certain that anyone who reads this considers this a "duh" lesson, it is worthwhile to mention because there are clearly those who think this is a good choice.

Clearly, MADD and other organizations have warned us of the perils of drinking and driving.  Generally, I considered that most people did this at night or on the weekends.  Apparently not.

I guess some consider 3:15 on a Tuesday afternoon right before you pick up your kid from school an awesome time to get hammered.  Or at least start.  Because if you're not quite buzzing enough, you can continue drinking while driving and picking up your kid and after you've hit another parent in the parking lot. Because taking a big swig of your drink when you get out of the car to inspect the damage really helps your case.

Lesson: Getting wasted to pick up your kid from school results in a car accident and the school calling the police.  Who knew?

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