Friday, June 4, 2010

New Blog Name?

So... this is my first post past the end of my teaching career....


That final week was the longest in recent memory.  I never knew that 5 days could be so long.  This was due, in large part, to the fact that both the kids and I were so long past done.  It's really hard to keep kids motivated post-test when the entire system has been set up to worship a standardized test.  But I really don't want to get into my thoughts and opinions about the current state of public education at this time. 

Perhaps over the summer when I have copious free time.  :)  I have a fabulous fiance who fully supports my need to have a little bit of a breather post teaching.  Because, as I have outlined in previous entries, my hat is off to career teachers.  Way to go!  However, I am not a career teacher, neither was I designed to be one.  As such, I am completely burned out.  I am looking forward to a time when I have normal emotions and feelings.  Things still frustrate me, make me angry, but not in the way that they probably should.  After that first year, I could not take on kids' hurts in the same way anymore.  Did I still feel their injustice and hate their situtation?  Sure.  But if I were to survive, I absolutely could not internalize it in the same way.  Part of me shut off.  It had to.

In other events...

Today I applied for my first job past teaching.  Again, I am looking to take a little time off (I still get paid for a bit- I could disperse my paycheck through 12 months instead of 10, so I'm still receiving money I already earned).  It was hard and took me forever.  I have been trying to complete the application for about a week now without success.  But today, I finally finished it.  KSA's with little direction, other than "write one or two paragraphs about each position that you are applying for and why you would be an asset" is difficult.  But it did feel good to use some of my big girl language and not dumb it down for 8 to 10-year-olds for once. :)

Additionally, I have decided that I need to change the name of my blog.  First of all, I haven't taught Pre-K for two years and now I don't even teach, so the name isn't really so appropriate anymore.  (btw, those of you who read this when it downloads into facebook, I actually write this on Google Blogger-the link's under my links on my info page).  I solicited some ideas on my facebook status:

First, "Post-K stories of insanity." A good one.  And true.  My life is still insane after pre-K, just a different type of insane.

"Tales of the Newlywed." Also a good one.  Reflective of what my life is changing into.  One week from today, I will be getting married.  Which is so SCARY.  And exciting.  Then I'm moving back to Virginia, which is terribly exciting, as well.  So (hopefully) lots of tales (hopefully goood ones). 

"Everyday Stories of Insanity."  True.  I was insane prior to this job.  And now I'm definitely more insane. ;)

"How to Stop Attracting Crazy People."  Good one.  I have attracted many a crazy person in my day.  Now is not the time to recount them....haha.  But I have appeared to have attracted a reasonably normal one. :)

"Pre-K stories: Cause of Current Insanity."  So true.  So true.  I will not elaborate further, there is no need. Just read earlier posts.

What do you think?  One of these?  Different suggestion?

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  1. how about something completely ambiguous? Like "Writings after Sunset" or ""With Big Earrings & a Big Heart"