Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Better Late than Never

So...yes, that last post? I may have been a bit premature in declaring victory over work.

Things got a bit, shall we say, insane after that. Not quite to the point where work put me up in a hotel again (did I mention that during the craziest period over the summer they put me up in a hotel next to the office? I'm sure I didn't since I hadn't written since the Juneish timeframe.), but pretty insane.

I am definitely using the next couple of weeks to burn off as much of my comp time as I can. It certainly won't be all of it, but I look at it like an investment. :)  They do take good care of me after all and I did get a promotion when the whole bit started, so I really can't complain.

Either way, for those of you who are reading this post, thanks for checking in again. I will attempt to be more regular again in my blogging, since we seem to have hit a more regularish tempo at work, but I will also not make any promises. We know how the last one turned out. ;)

Right now, I'm using the time that I should be cleaning my house and finishing some last minute grocery shopping to write this post. Also, my mother gave me an article on ADHD the other day. I should probably read that.

I have managed to sew quite a few things in the interim with stolen time here and there.

But, because I'm dumb, pictures of most will have to wait until I can snag them back from their recipients. With whom I'm spending Christmas, so it shouldn't be a problem. ;) They can model. Probably unwillingly. But I'm persuasive.

But what I'm really excited to show you is new fabric I got for a new quilt.

New quilt, Ashleigh? Have you finished the other million that you're working on?


I did finish one!

But probably not the one you're thinking of....that one is almost finished. It needs a few more hours, then it should be complete!

Here are some pictures just to give you some of the progress (it's been basted and partially quilted at this point, so I'm much further along, but I have no pictures of that progress for you):

I hope to finish this guy this week. So close!

Then I will have four quilt finishes for 2013, which is four more than I have ever had!

By the way, this method of keeping my seams straight and at a consistent quarter inch really didn't work for me. This is one of the areas that I really need to work on. 

This, above and below, is the finished quilt. I've been working on this baby for about a year and a half. It's actually the quilt that brought about the final death of my old sewing machine (wherein I may or may not have punched the machine). 

It's for my brother, and since you may or may not be able to tell from these pictures, yes, it is a Halloween themed quilt. 

That he will get for Christmas. 

More with final pictures later. It's in the wash as we speak. 

And finally, new quilt in the works below!

Yum. Look how fun that is!

Above is Rain Basic in Black from Timeless Treasures. I think that I will need to stash some of that. It's so pretty! And colorful!

I'm pretty stoked about this quilt. It's a baby quilt for an artsy friend, who has similar tastes to mine when it comes to bold color and whimsy.

From the top, there's the Rain Basic, then you can see a tiny sliver of Alexander Henry (you can see it better in the picture below), followed by Stella Solid in Lime from Dear Stella, Free Spirit Solid in Parrot Blue, Free Spirit Solid in Saffron, Free Spirit Solid in Red, Pure Elements Solid in Burnt Orange from Pat Bravo, and Crosshatch in Black from Carolyn Friedlander.

Again, you can see the Rain Basic, followed by Pop Art Countdown in Multi from Alexander Henry. I am in love with this, too. I may stash that as well. Perfect for baby quilts. 


And I'm planning on mixing in a bunch of scraps. Stay tuned. 

And friends, they may not be the best pictures because it was darn cold outside. Especially, since it was 70 yesterday and today there's ice in my ornamental kale (look in the middle). 

But pansies keep the area bright even in winter. :)

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