Monday, January 6, 2014

It's almost garden season time again

I am not a fan of winter.

Mostly because it's just so cold. I detest being cold. 

Tights in funky patterns and colors may be the only redeeming qualities of winter. Oh and my hat. I'll have to show y'all a picture.

And unfortunately, I believe we're in for a long one this year. It's only December and I think we've had more snow than the last two years combined. 

So, to feel a little better, I decided to start reflecting on this summer's garden, since, after all, I will need to begin seed starting (for some things) at the end of this month/beginning of next.

Also, since I am in the throes of kitchen re-organization, my time is generally allocated there this week, so this is the best I have for you. :) Thanks for sticking in there.

Yellow squash did very well. Regular ol' zucchini not so much. But that was my fault, since I prematurely destroyed them thinking that I was dealing with the dreaded vine borer again. oops.

Yellow squash is so versatile in the kitchen, as well. 

And these little beauties. They're so cute. Definitely need a few more of these plants to make an impact, however. They're little bitty guys, maybe an inch and a half in diameter. 

Either way, I planted too many plants this past year and I need to thin back a bit. That's the tough part.

May your week be warm and your gardening brain be getting ready.

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