Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Year's in Williamsburg

After Christmas and over New Year's Mr. Gardener and I ventured to Williamsburg with my family. 

They had timeshare time to use and kindly invited us to join them. And we all had a very nice time together. We did some things together and some separately, like Mr. Gardener and I went to go visit friends in Newport News (maybe 30 minutes from Williamsburg). So, all in all, it was great. 

(Because, as I'm sure you know, blending family vacations can be a gamble. But my parents have informed us that we haven't yet been banned from vacationing with them. hehe)

Rare photo of my brother smiling? Had to include it. 

We went to the folk art museum. Loved the quilt exhibit (duh) and the whirligigs. 

Fun sculpture for no apparent reason? Count me in.

I love folk art. It's all about expression for the pleasure of it. It can include form and function, an adherence to rules, but it doesn't have to. It's art for art by regular people. 

Naturally, I needed to tour the colonial garden.

Look at these awesome ideas for winter gardening. Keep in mind, if you're a newbie gardener, that these are cool season vegetables.

I love the bell jars (left).

Kind of a like a mini greenhouse.  I think that could be totally doable. 


There were beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere. 

I need to try my hand at creating something similar next year.

Me, my brother, and my mom cheesin'.

We also visited a plantation. Here, we see tobacco, Virginia's cash crop. My brother informed us that these were cigarettes. ;) He's so smart. 

My dad can't resist the opportunity to teach. He needs to retire here and be one of the living history folks.

My dad can't smile like a normal person.

We stopped at a few of the taverns, which try to keep their fare as historical as possible. 

They have a beer based on a older recipe (with some adjustments, obviously, for modern tastes). It is delicious.


Next year's Christmas card? 

Maybe I'll get a Christmas card out one year...

We also learned about baking bread in this outdoor oven.

Finally, look at that beautiful basket. They created these for complete utilitarian use, not for beauty, the way we look at baskets today. 


I think I've found a new craft I'd like to master....

I just can't stop. :)


  1. We love Williamsburg!! We have never been there during the Christmas season, and it looks lovely! And you have the cutest haircut in all of blog land!! Blessings! Susan

    1. Thank you Susan! You are so sweet! I hope you get to make it there during Christmas time one year!