Thursday, June 6, 2013


Remember how I mentioned that I was growing something fun in the backyard?

Well, I am...pumpkins! They're sprouting up beneath the tomato gallows.

And I desperately need to thin them out before they crowd each other out. I'll probably have between 2-4 plants by the end.

My Dad on his 60th birthday, holding his AARP card above his cake. He's so special.

They came from my dad and my brother (pictured above and below). See, in my family, pumpkin carving is an art.

There are rules:
1. Always use a sharpie first to plan your pumpkin
2. Thou shalt never carve a pumpkin with triangles for eyes and a mouth
3. Good pumpkins have ears
4. You must carve a chimney at the top
5. Your pumpkin should have character

So, my parents have some woods behind their house and I guess that's where the jack 'o lantern went to Halloween heaven last year. This spring, ol' jack evidently wanted to make a reappearance and seedlings started sprouting everywhere. 

They would have died (from lack of sun) in the woods, so naturally my dad just had to send them home with me.

And I just had to plant them. :)

So it looks like I might have pumpkins this year.

My brother is not usually super smiley, so of course, I had to share this picture.

It's never too early to start thinking about pumpkins.

Are you growing anything fun? Or anything at all?

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