Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Works in Progress Wednesday 2

Well, we haven't floated away yet. Nice little reprieve yesterday, but it sounds like today is scheduled for another monsoon. ;) 

But I've made progress!

Not as much as I would like, but is it ever? I do have to say, though, it's coming along.

I finished piecing the back together. 

I basted it. (I pin baste. I like that they're reusable, they don't get gunk on my floor, and frankly, spray basting makes me nervous...)

And I've started the quilting. Just a simple cross hatch. 

I think it would have looked nice with some stipling or other free-motion quilting, but I'm just not there yet and this is not the project to practice on.

Frankly, I'm not quite there yet with straight line quilting. There's a good bit of meandering going on and I do wish now that I've lengthened my stitch length.

Of course, I'm still trying to master walking in a straight line.

But I'm just trying to take a deep breath and learn something new each time. This quilting business might be good for me to get over some of my perfectionistic tendencies. It will never be perfect, but I can enjoy the process and the product. Plus it's handmade with love and still probably of a higher quality than most store-bought quilts.

Hopefully not too much more left on this one.

Because I also have this to get to...

Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt-Along at Freshly Pieced

I have almost finished cutting my fabric for my Bloom Bloom Pow quilt. I was keeping up with Lee until I ran short on white background fabric. And then I just got behind.

This is also a gift quilt, so I need to get cracking on it, too.

The list never gets shorter, does it? :)

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  1. What a lovely quilt. And your quilting looks straight enough to me!

  2. It definitely is a completely BETTER quilt than store bought lol They like to use those toe catcher stitches store bought quilts ya know?!

    Love,love the colors in the baby quilt and I hope you get all the fabric you need for your Bloom Bloom quilt soon.

  3. i love the simple straight lines on the bias quilting. it's great. and perfect for your lovely quilt.

    happy 3rd anniversary yesterday, btw. =) i remember when 3 years of marriage seemed like such a long time. and now i'm at 18!

  4. What a lovely baby quilt! Your straight line quilting looks great. I have the same struggles as you with the actual quilting... I'm thinking of making a set of placemats to practice on.