Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rocks & Chickens = Happy Father's Day!

So I changed my blog name...again.

The first time was really because I'd left the classroom and Pre-K stories of Insanity really didn't fit any more. 

At least the Pre-K part. The rest probably did.

And my friend, Annie, gave me the title "Writings after Sunset," which really did fit because I do write most of these at night and it's just a collection of my random ramblings.

But, now that I do write more about my crafts, quilting, and gardening, I wanted something different. I'm also hoping to eventually post some wares in my Etsy store, which also bears the name Rocks and Chickens.

Odd name, right? And odd to connect it to Fathers' Day?

Well...yes, I am generally odd, so this may not seem so strange after all. I do have method to the madness, though...this time...

Well, when I was little, my dad and I used to go out and do all kinds of stuff together. Walk in the woods. Look at bugs. Find snails. Collect shells. That kind of stuff. And he'd always start by saying, "You want to throw some rocks and kick some chickens?"

Yes. I know my dad is weird. So am I. So sue us. ;)

And of course, I'd say yes. And when my mom asked what we did, I'd tell her, "Throwed rocks and kicked shickens."

Now, I would like to clarify that no chickens were ever hurt during these excursions. He mostly just said it because it was ridiculous. (And to rile up my grandmother when she was in town.) Some Japanese beetles and a cicada may have not survived these adventures, but those are other stories for another day.

I love my daddy (and my momma, too, of course). He taught me to love art and to love crafts and music and really any artistic expression. And he taught me to pursue them because they're a worthwhile endeavor. And he gave me his sense of humor.

He also loves gardening and all things plants. He knows more than any regular person really should about plants. Well, about everything.

He showed me how a man should treat those he loves, especially his wife and children, and not to settle for one who does anything less than his best in those departments. My dad is the best dad and he and my mom have an awesome marriage.

And he taught me to love the Lord.

I couldn't ask for more, so I am glad to name my blog for him.

Happy Fathers' Day!

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