Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tomato Tuesday 1

Actually, this post is not really about tomatoes.

But I thought it was cute alliteration. Anyone have anything better?

I do much better with routines and schedules, so Tuesdays shall be garden updates on the blog. And perhaps other days, too. :)

I do have some tomatoes growing. Ripen, babies, ripen!

But I also have some gorgeous zinnias growing!

Purple Prince is magnificent. And huge. But he makes a big impact. I'll have to take a picture that shows his height. He's maybe 3 feet tall? I'll stand next to him and then he'll look really tall.

But my dwarf zinnias are also a-blooming and look really great.

I am a sucker for zinnias.

And how cute are these peppers.

I do want to put a sign next to them, though, that says, "Ripen, dammit!" They're adorable, but they've looked like this for weeks.

Don't tease me.

Petunias making a nuisance of themselves all over the place.

I love them, but they have these great arms just reaching out everywhere!

Kinda frisky little guys.

More zinnia preparing to bloom. I think this is another Prince.

Such a royal garden I have here.

More Prince. Shamelessly stealing the show.


Please don't rot! I've had a lot of blossom end rot so far. I actually ripped out most of my summer squash plants, split their stems looking for squash vine borer, but didn't find any. I replanted and salted the earth with sevindust, just in case.

It's okay. Squash plants grow like rabbits.

Those borers are some terrible so-and-sos. (I am trying to reign in my tongue on this here blog.) We are in the midst of a war, people.

I am hoping that this has just been a case of non-fertilized fruit. I did see a bee out here just loving on my flowers, so hopefully this won't continue. <--- always="" and="" coexist.="" flower="" gardens="" is="" p="" should="" this="" vegetable="" why="">

That prince.

And some huge marigold. Reminds me of a lion's mane.

Marigold is a gardener's best friend.

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