Monday, June 10, 2013

Seed Starting

I think we're going to float away here!

It has been raining A TON.

Incredible downpour. 

Cats and dogs, I tell ya!

Actually, I hope not cats. The neighbor's cat likes to dig in my garden. I think he and I are going have it out soon.

Next time he jumps in my trunk while I'm unloading groceries, we may just go on a field trip. 

Just kidding. 


I'm actually not sure that my lovely pumpkins will survive. They're pretty deep in water right now. We'll see, I guess. I would be disappointed, but there's worse things.

So, to beat the gloomy weather, I thought I'd show you the fun little seed starting methodology Mr. Gardener devised for me.

So last year, starting seeds indoors didn't work out so well for me. I made a lot of mistakes.

This year, I did a little more research, used my brain a little more, and got a tad bit less cocky about it all.

I wanted to do things right this year, so I wanted a grow light (also, I ran out of window space last year). But danggone, grow lights are expensive.

I was telling Mr. Gardener this when he hopped on Google, did a little planning, and said, "I have a solution for you."

So, with some PVC pipe, some chain, and a florescent light, he made me my own grow lamp.

It's even adjustable as the plants grow. And we can dismantle it and store it in the basement once the plants grow outside.

Best of all? 

It only cost about $50 to make and I fit over 70 plants underneath it.

As much I like Burpee, their grow lights cost twice that to fit half as many plants.

I two heat mats underneath it and over a piece of insulation.

They seemed to like it pretty well.

I mean look at them now!

Do you have any DIY's you've done that are better than the real deal?


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